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Ciro Caliendo

Curriculum Artistic and Professional

Salvatore Caliendo's son, Salernitan musician and compositor, one of his piano, harmony and composition pupils, has been a credit institute employee from 1971 to 1998.
In 1974 he started to serve his apprenticeship as a violine-maker with Mr. V. Annaruma 's laboratory , in Salerno . To the death of this one , in 1976 , he continued his activity guided by Mr. Annarumma ‘s son , Mariano , with who he col-laborate as a restorator violine-maker , giving back to music about a thousand instrument some of them whit a singular historic interest ( chitarra Guadagnini G. Torino 1841-Dalla Costa cello ,Cremona 1793-Bergère cello , Paris 1900 - Remy viol Cremona 1836 ) . This collaboration ended in 1992, when Master Mariano Annarumma died. In 1976 he approached ethno-musicological disciplines and he carried out researche experiences rielaboration and esecution of salernitan folkroristic popular with Teatrogruppo in Salerno. With this team he did concerts and he took part to sev-eral broadcasts , from Italian RAI , to National French Radio second channel and Switzerland TV. The Teatrogruppo has done two disks for Albatros production , and many concerts to Venice Biennale and to Piccola Scala of Milano. From 1978 he started a collaboration with Prof . Roberto Leydi , ethnomusicologist teacher at the DAMS ( University of Bologna ), and he did reaserches on some popular instruments construction and execution tradition, giving recorded shares for the realization of some Albatros disks . In 1981 he entered apon on a Journalistic activity as a musical critic . Especially significant his relationship with the cultural page of " Paese Sera " magazine in 1988. In 1983 he took part , as the representative for the south of Italy, to the realization of " The I Exposition of Italian folk music instruments , put up , above all, in the Homme Museum, in Paris, in Scala's Museum in Milan, in Fenice's theatre in Venice. In 1989 he graduated on musical disciplines "cum laude", at DAMS ( University of Bolgna ),debating a thesis about organology . In 1992 he did several concerts and meetings in Argentina and Uruguay. In 1996 he organized the I exposition about hi storical violine-making of the south of Italy ( Ravello, Villa Rufolo ) and publishing, for Aspasia edition ( S.Giovanni in Persiceto , Bo) with arch . Marco Tiella a catalogue about some organological essays. In 1998 he real-ized the Monographic Exposition The art of folk song , the beat , the memory of Chitarra Battente ( Salerno, Verdi Theater ) , inaugurated by Master Roberto De Simone. During the exposition was introduced The Chitarra Battente written by Mr . Ciro Caliendo and edited by Aspasia ( S. Giovanni in Persiceto , Bo) . In 1999 he organized and super-vised the I Edition of the music review of strings instruments named Violammore during which it took part the I Na-tional Meeting of Historical Violin-Making of the south of Italy whose acts will be published soon . By this the re-view, with the same artistical direction, it continued successfully both in musical and historical scientific precincts , un-til the 6th ediction. In 2003, in spring, he was entrusted by Vallegrini Institute ( musical high school ) Campagna ( Sa ) as a musical expert, to teach history and making of strings instruments course. In November 2003 he published for Cremonabooks ( Cremona ) a monography about Annarumma Salernitan violin-making named Curcuma, sandarac, drops of mastics. Napolitan violin-making in Salerno, prefaced by Salvatore Accardo. He parteciped in the course of Liuteria Parmense Violin Making and Repair Workshop,set-up and sound adjustment with Horacio Pinero (September 2005). Also in the 2006 he was a professor of violin making restoration in the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benin-casa. Soon will be published these books too:

1 The making tradition of the zampogna in the south of Italy
2 The Neapolitan violin-making from Baroc to modern age
3 The organologic iconography in Salerno
4 South Italian musical instruments between cutured and folckloristic

He warked as a musical critic , with Salernitan edition of " Il Mattino " ( Napoli ) until 2003. Nowadays he has by his side 30 violins and a viol. This works has been really appreciated by violine-makers ( Carlson , Cacciatori and New-mann Firms in Cremona ) and musician, like Salvatore Accardo, Laura Gorna, Gabriele Pieranunzi, Myriam Dal Don, Francesco Fiore, Massimo Paris, Luca Fanfoni, Duccio Beluffi, Massa Brothers.
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Salerno, August 2006